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Our goal is to deliver visibility and actionable insights so you can plan smarter and faster.

After years of struggling with using spreadsheets as marketing planning calendars, we decided to solve the problem. Introducing Annum. Annum’s patent-pending software is beautiful, intuitive, and brings all marketing activities into one integrated calendar view. Save time by not having to reference multiple spreadsheets and make more informed planning decisions by seeing key dates, initiatives, and tactics all in one calendar view.

Currently in development, Annum’s marketing calendar software is slated to launch in 2021. Sign up for our wait list.

In the meantime, we’ve introduced the Monthly Briefing by Annum, a free newsletter designed to help businesses plan ahead. Each Monthly Briefing delivers essential information to help you plan a month in advance with a calendar of important holidays and popular occasions, consumer insights, and a variety of marketing resources. If you have feedback or recommendations or are interested in contributing to or sponsoring the Monthly Briefing, drop us a line at


Patty Radford Henderson

Founder, Annum

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