How To Guides

As we work to enhance the value provided by our master marketing calendar, we will continually update this page with explanations and instructions related to both new and existing features.

In the future we plan on incorporating this type of content into the tool. Until then we hope this will be a helpful resource.

App Roadmap
In Process
  • Import from CSV file
  • Lead / Nested Plan structure


Up Next
  • Onboarding wizard
  • Assign one Tactic to multiple social platforms
  • Click in the calendar to add a Tactic
  • Choose color for Channels
  • Also show inititiatives start and end dates in grid portion of Day and Month views
  • Give Collaborators the ability to edit Initiatives
  • Edit rights by channel
  • Parking Lot for holding Tactic ideas yet to be scheduled
  • Upload planning document PDFs and campaign strategy
  • Add your own Calendar of Interest via iCal URL
  • Hide budget data from Team Members
  • Hide an event in a Calendar of Interest (Hashtag Holidays, etc.)

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