Comparison of the
“Best Marketing Calendar Software” on G2


Within the marketing calendar category on G2 there are 31 software applications listed along with our solution, Annum. We’ve categorized them to help you find the best fit.

G2’s Best Marketing Calendars Support Three Different Roles

At a high level the marketing calendars reviewed on G2 serve three different roles within the marketing function: creation of the marketing plan, project management, and content creation. We have categorized them by role in order to help you hone in on the ones that best support your needs.

Comparison of best marketing calendar software

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Creation of the Marketing Plan

These tools support strategic marketing planning and serve as a marketing plan of record. They are designed to show the duration of overarching initiatives and campaigns along with the in-market timing of all tactics such as social posts, in store signage, paid advertising, etc. They show what is happening when, in other words the omnichannel customer experience.

If you are looking for a calendar designed for marketing planning, check out the 8 applications highlighted to the left. At the top of the list you will find our solution, Annum. Learn how our founder, a career long marketer, designed Annum to meet her need for an omnichannel marketing planning calendar.


Project Management

Project management tools help teams facilitate the execution of the marketing plan. They are designed for entering tasks, subtasks, assignees, and due dates. They show what needs to be done in order to bring the plan to life.

If project management features are a requirement for your marketing calendar, besides those listed at the left, there are 415 solutions reviewed in G2’s Project Management category.


Content Creation

Content Creation tools help teams design and develop content. They are designed for storing images, entering copy, and creating graphics. They facilitate asset creation, approvals, and content publishing.

If content creation support is a requirement for your marketing calendar, besides those listed at the left, there are 168 solutions reviewed in G2’s Content Creation category.

Driving Top Line Revenue

Each marketing calendar listed above has a different set of features and benefits and provides value in a different way. At Annum, we purposes designed our planning calendar to solve the problem of marketing plans siloed by channel because we know that multichannel campaigns drive more revenue. That’s why we engineered a solution that both informs and guides the omnichannel planning process. Learn more about our integrated marketing planning calendar.

Drive more revenue with integrated campaigns.

Annum’s marketing calendar guides the omnichannel planning process.
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