Thank you for attending our founder Patty’s presentation at Digital Summit! This Content Planning Matrix was designed to help marketers quickly establish an overarching content plan based on prioritized marketing objectives.

How to Use the Content Planning Matrix

Marketing’s purpose is to capture the attention of the target audience and guide them through each PHASE of their decision making process from identifying a need, through purchase, and ultimately to brand advocacy.

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Review your current marketing efforts and identify the phases that need more marketing support. Determine your marketing OBJECTIVES based on the weak links in the journey.

For each marketing objective you will find aligned CUSTOMER NEEDS and the CONTENT that addresses them.

Prioritize your marketing objectives and the associated content plans by NUMBERING them starting from the bottom up.

We want you to prioritize from the bottom up to ensure your product experience is producing raving fans before you try to close more sales and to ensure your current content is driving conversions before you go after more leads.

If you publish our Content Planning Matrix on your site, please provide a link back →  Annum’s Content Planning Matrix

If you have any questions about how to use this matrix or on anything else from the Digital Summit presentation, please contact us.

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