App Roadmap
In Process
  • Onboarding wizard
  • Import from CSV file
  • Edit rights by channel
  • Parking Lot for holding Tactic ideas yet to be scheduled
  • Upload planning document PDFs and campaign strategy
  • Add your own Calendar of Interest via iCal URL
  • Choose color for Channels


Up Next
  • Assign one Tactic to multiple social platforms
  • Click in the calendar to add a Tactic
  • Also show initiatives start and end dates in grid portion of Day and Month views
  • Hide budget data from Team Members
  • Hide an event in a Calendar of Interest (Hashtag Holidays, etc.)

Create a Shared Calendar

Looking to created and manage your own shared calendar that you can pull into Annum? See below.

Create a Shared Calendar in Google

Set up a shared calendar:

  1. Set up a Google Account or use an existing one
  2. Create a new Google Calendar
  3. Enter the events you would like to include

Copy the shared calendar’s iCal URL:

  1. Click on three vertical dots next to the name of the calendar in the left margin of the Google Calendar app in the My Calendars list
  2. Then click on “Settings and sharing” for that calendar
  3. Scroll down to where it says “Public address in iCal format”
  4. Click on the URL to select it, then copy the URL

Add the shared calendar to Annum:

  1. Paste this URL into the Custom Calendar of Interest field in Annum to pull it in
  2. Select the box in front of the calendar to include it in your Plan’s filters for all team members
  3. Any changes you make in this Google calendar will show up in Annum

You will also be able to pull custom calendars built in Outlook and other apps via their iCal or ICS URLs.

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