Bring all Campaigns, Channels, Online and Offline Tactics Together in One Unified View

Get the visibility and insights needed to align cross-functional efforts and advance the customer journey with our omnichannel marketing planning solution

Annum marketing planning software - monthly view

Silos are inherent
in the tools marketers use to build their plans

High-level initiatives and campaigns designed as stand alone timelines. Tactics scattered across channel specific spreadsheets or jumbled up with the sausage making in project management tools.

marketing planning silos cited as biggest internal challenge by CMOS

When marketing plans are disconnected from strategy and siloed by channel or project, teams lose control of the customer experience.

Transform your planning process to drive better outcomes

Annum’s integrated marketing planning software delivers a dynamic unified plan that centers
cross-functional teams on the omnichannel customer experience

Replace siloed
Excel and Google spreadsheet operations

Automatically aggregate tactics buried in project management tools

Annum integrates with 1000+ apps

to create an executive view of the plan and keep everything up to date while automating workflow from planning to execution

Intuitively guides
integrated planning

with color-coding by channel, strategic tagging, and drag and drop changes


Empowers cross-channel decision making

with views filterable by campaign, target audience segment, and more


Helps teams learn,
adapt, and optimize

by serving as a fully complete historical marketing plan of record


For Small, Mid-sized, and Large Teams

Annum’s omnichannel marketing planning solution serves as a single source of truth that gets everyone and everything on the same page

For Complex Enterprise Organizations

Annum’s parent-child connected calendar structure provides detailed business unit visibility to ensure alignment with corporate strategy

“Annum allows various teams to quickly see what everyone is working on, how things can be leveraged across channels and platforms, and what goals are being met by each element of the integrated marketing plan.”

– Mariana Q, Capterra Review

When social, email, and website messaging are at odds, you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

It fractures customer trust in your brand.


Get Our 5 Point Guide to Smashing Organizational Silos

Our action oriented guide covers the 5 critical components to gaining alignment and transforming your planning process from channel-centric to customer-centric. It will help you create an action plan for adopting an integrated omnichannel approach to planning that advances the customer journey and drives more revenue.

integrated marketing planning software stat 494% higher order rate
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