Go From Siloed
Planning by Channel
to a Customer-Centric Integrated Approach that Drives More Revenue

Finally get the visibility needed to align cross-functional efforts and advance the customer journey

Marketing has experienced a seismic shift

Digital communication channels dominate as they continue to multiply. People are bombarded by content. Their expectations are high and attention spans short.

Only cohesive and compelling omnichannel customer experiences can cut through the clutter and drive revenue growth.

The old way of planning doesn’t work any more

High-level initiatives and campaigns designed as stand alone timelines. Tactics scattered across channel specific spreadsheets or jumbled up with with the sausage making in project management and production tools.

marketing planning silos cited as biggest internal challenge by CMOS

When marketing plans are disconnected from strategy and siloed by channel or project, teams lose control of the customer experience.

Transform your planning process to drive better outcomes

Only Annum’s integrated planning software brings all initiatives, campaigns, channels, content, online and offline tactics together in one unified calendar view so marketers can identify opportunities and gaps and optimize the omnichannel customer experience.

Intuitively guides
integrated planning

with color-coding by channel, drag and drop changes, simultaneous budget management


Empowers strategic
cross-channel decision making

with views filterable by campaign, target audience segment, and more


Helps teams learn,
adapt, and optimize

by serving as a fully complete historical marketing plan of record


Align cross-functional efforts to deliver on the business goals and objectives

For Small to Large Teams

Annum’s omnichannel marketing planning solution serves as a single source of truth that gets everyone and everything on the same page

To Centralize Planning

Annum syncs with project management and production apps to aggregate in market tactics and keep people working in their preferred tools

In Complex Organizations

Annum’s parent-child connected calendar structure provides business unit visibility to ensure alignment with corporate strategy

“Annum is giving us the ability to harness the overall business objectives and strategically plan our marketing initiatives to ensure we’re not ‘marketing for the sake of marketing’ – but ultimately, developing actions that resonate with consumers in achieving our business goals.”

– Joe P, G2 review

“For a B2B company with multiple sub-brands, it’s often times hard to see where there is cross over or gaps. This tool allows us to easily organize our channels, plan for upcoming quarters, spot gaps, and provide transparency across the organization.”

– Ashley R, G2 review


“It makes me a better contact planner. Having to select the marketing objective, target audience, and journey phase for each tactic makes planning more intentional. If you can’t connect a tactic to strategy you start asking whether you should be doing it.”

– Meg K, Case Study


“Annum allows various teams to quickly see what everyone is working on, how things can be leveraged across channels and platforms, and what goals are being met by each element of the integrated marketing plan.”

– Mariana Q, Capterra review


“Having a central gathering point of cross channel tactical activity keeps all stakeholders on the same page, provides for greater clarity and consistency, and most importantly ensures best, repeatable outcomes.”

– Brian M, Case Study


“We primarily use the tool for channel planning and I particularly appreciate the features that allow the team to sort and adjust the view. I cannot recommend Annum enough – and bonus, the smart team behind this tool provides top notch customer support with impressively short response times.”

– Lesa B, Capterra review


Annum’ marketing planning software was designed by a senior marketer strategist, speaker, and workshop facilitator with over 25 years of experience in brand building, content strategy, customer journey mapping, and integrated marketing planning. Learn more 

You’re already marketing in multiple channels,
the trick is to get them to work effectively together – otherwise you’re wasting everyone’s precious time.

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