Say hello to Annum. 

A master marketing calendar that’s beautiful, intuitive, and brings all your channels into one integrated view.

Get Straight to Work

There’s no formatting needed or templates to sort through.  Simply select your channels, turn on holidays and observances with a click, and begin entering tactics.

 See It All

Get a universal view of everything in market from multi-month advertising campaigns and signage switch outs, to website updates, weekly emails, and daily social posts.

Save Time & Money

Consolidate planning tools, streamline processes, and foster cross channel collaboration. No more misspent time, miscues, or missed opportunities.

“With Annum, I have one place to look, one system instead of all my madness everywhere. I no longer feel like I might be forgetting something.”

– Hailey Lewis, Brand and Project Activation Officer, Drake Bank

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As Easy As Pie

We’ve gathered together essential information to help you plan your monthly marketing initiatives. Review consumer insights and stay on top of important observances with our printable holiday calendars.

Say goodbye to ugly disconnected spreadsheets.

Plan faster and smarter with our omni-channel calendar.

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