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Guides for Navigating Annum

A cache of resources to help you get the most out of Annum while creating stronger more integrated marketing plans.

In a trial?

If you’ve signed up for a trial and are testing us out, we’ve outlined five tasks that will give you a quick feel for how our omnichannel marketing planning calendar works.

Check out our Quick Start Tutorial.

Quick Start Tutorial

Ready Steady Go


Detailed Tutorials by Role

Each team member in Annum is assigned a role related to their responsibilities. The more responsibilities, the more feature sets that are accessible to that role. The tutorials below are right sized by role to give a quick overview of our system while providing only the instructions each role needs. 

You’ll find your role displayed within your Profile and at the center top of the Plan you are working in, right next to the “i” icon. Click the icon to open up your tutorial at any time.

Explore your tutorial below.

Account Owner

Account Management
Plan Set Up
Strategic Marketing Planning

Plan Admin

Plan Set Up
Strategic Marketing Planning



Strategic Marketing Planning


Plan Review


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