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Annum’s marketing calendar software was purpose built to provide the visibility and frameworks needed for strategic integrated omnichannel planning.

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Get everyone and everything on the same page

Our patented marketing calendar software elegantly displays all initiatives, campaigns, channels, content, online and offline tactics in one unified calendar view so marketers can identify opportunities and gaps and create more cohesive and compelling omnichannel customer experiences that drive more revenue.

Annum's marketing calendar software was purpose built for omnichannel visibility
Marketing Calendar Software

Identify optimal timing for in market actions 

Activate our Calendars of Interest to plan for and around holidays. Discover opportunities to tie in to cultural observances. View insights related to annual consumer spending events and daily predicted B2B and B2C email performance. Easily add shared calendars of events you track.

Eliminate random acts of marketing

Empower team members to think through how their work ties in with the ability to connect tactics to marketing objectives, target audience segments, campaigns, and more.  

Marketing Calendar Software
Marketing Calendar Software

Fuel strategic cross-channel decision making

Filters provide isolated views by campaign, target audience segment, and more so cross-functional teams can optimize coverage and timing while ensuring all channels are working together to advance the customer journey.

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Manage your budget simultaneously

Enter and update expenses at the tactic level as you plan. See up-to-date budget summaries across all channels so you can continually optimize your spend as things change. No need to update a separate spreadsheet when things change. What’s in the plan is in in the budget.

Annum's integrated planning solution features budget tracking at the tactic level
Marketing Calendar Software

Automatically aggregate tactics buried in project management tools

Our marketing calendar software integrates with 1000+ apps to seamlessly sync all in-market tactics while leaving the sausage making behind. Keep people working in their preferred tools and keep everything up to date. No need for double data entry.
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Review and present marketing plans with ease

Strategic initiatives run above supporting tactics stacked by channel in a multi-month timeline that expands to encompass a full annual plan. Get a big picture visual on priorities, alignment, gaps, and workload by channel for quick and easy executive briefings.

Marketing Calendar Software
Annum's integrated marketing planning tool scales into a connected parent-child calendar structure for enterprise

Ensure business unit alignment

Our marketing calendar software scales into a connected plan structure featuring Nested business unit calendars that roll up to a Lead enterprise-wide view. Gain full visibility across your organization to ensure alignment with corporate strategy and goals.
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“We like how it’s pre-built for marketers (with channels, campaigns, tactics), easy to use, color coordinated, and customizable. The several views help our multiple stakeholders get the exact view they are looking for and help them understand our campaigns and objectives.

It’s been essential to our marketing success!”

– Ashley R, Capterra Review


Our pricing plans scale to accommodate all, from small teams to complex enterprise organizations


Case Studies

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How We Compare

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It’s time you had the right tool for the job.

Get the visibility you’ve been striving for with our integrated marketing calendar software.

Marketing Calendar Software FAQs

Can you use Annum's marketing calendar software for creation of an annual marketing plan?

Yes. Annum’s timeline or flow view shows multiple months by week and can be expanded to show a full year or more. Strategic initiatives run across the top and tactics stacked by channel (i.e. website, email, social media, signage, paid search, events, etc.) run vertically down the page. Start by blocking out timing for key initiatives (campaigns, promotions, monthly themes, and other key events) across the entire year to get the strategy for your annual plan set. Then have team members enter their supporting tactics on a rolling basis either quarterly or monthly.

What size marketing team is Annum's marketing calendar software best for?

Annum was designed to empower strategic integrated marketers working to optimize the omnichannel customer experience. Whether you are a team of one managing all the channels or work in a larger enterprise with multiple independent business units, we have a plan structure and pricing option to support your needs.

Does Annum's marketing calendar software support collaboration with external agency partners and consultants?

Yes. Annum was designed specifically to support integrated planning across channels and departments, and with external partners. Simple let your agency partners know you no longer want their plans delivered via spreadsheet. Invite them as contributors to Annum and set their edits rights up according to the marketing channels they are managing for you. That way they can see everything that is going on but can only add and edit in the channels they are responsible for. You can read about how one of our customers used Annum to collaborate with their three agency partners in this case study.

Can you export plans and reports from Annum's marketing calendar software?

Each calendar view is exportable as a PDF via your browser print function. Also, you can export the full marketing plan, for a specified date range, as a CSV file.

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