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Tap Into 25+ Years of Marketing Experience

Meet Patty Radford Henderson, a highly accomplished marketing executive, content strategist, industry-renowned speaker, and the founder of Annum.

With over 25 years of marketing leadership experience working with brands such as Target, Aveda, Thomson Reuters, Red Wing Shoes, General Mills, Northwestern Mutual, Shinola, Johnson & Johnson, Regis, Drake Bank, and Skyline Exhibits, Patty brings her expertise to help you navigate the complexities of modern marketing.

Through my many conversations with marketers over the years, I’ve found that they are often so overwhelmed with getting things done that it’s hard to step back and see the forest for the trees. A former boss of mine called it “bark mark.”


At these times, a fresh point of view from someone who’s been there, combined with a simple visual framework for problem solving can provide the much needed unlock that gets things moving in the right direction.



Learn more about Patty’s background, achievements, and speaking engagements.

Topics to Dive Into

Patty frequently speaks on and offers advice in the following areas for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C brands:

  • Defining your ideal customer profile
  • Establishing prioritized marketing objectives
  • Understanding the customer’s content needs at each phase of their decision making process/journey
  • Creating an overarching content strategy and plan
  • Content programming for greater reach and frequency
  • Content sequencing to advance the customer journey
  • Planning multi-channel campaigns
  • Getting in front of the constant stream of marketing requests from other departments
  • Creating an endorsement program to drive the creation of more online reviews, testimonials, and case studies
  • Implementing integrated planning best practices that smash organizational silos

Tell Patty where you’re stuck and she will help you find clarity while sharing proven planning frameworks. You’ll leave the session with a prioritized action plan and the tools to tackle it head-on.

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“ I can confidently say that Patty’s contributions were instrumental in the success of our content planning process for the year 2023. Patty’s ability to lead and facilitate a productive discussion was impressive and her feedback and suggestions were very helpful.” 

Jeremiah Cich, Global Digital Marketing Manager, TSI Incorporated


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