Get Buy-in for Adopting Annum’s
Integrated Marketing Planning Software


Use our Business Case Template to present a thorough and persuasive proposal for modernizing your approach to marketing planning so you can deliver better results.

Business Case Template Content Overview

We created our Business Case Template to give you a jump start in pulling a proposal together. Our template is a Word Document that you can copy and customize as appropriate.

It includes the following topics:


  • Objective
  • Proposed change
  • Situation analysis
  • Chosen solution
  • Solutions evaluated
  • Plan for becoming more customer-centric
  • Risks
Preview of Annum's business case template

Download the Template

It is set up as an editable Microsoft Word document. If you need a different file type, contact us.

How to Use Our Template for Presenting a Business Case

As I’ve learned throughout my career when you present a solution to a problem, or recommend a more effective approach or tool you will more likely than not be tasked with leading implementation. So be prepared to roll your sleeves up. Leading a team through an operational transformation is a great achievement and resume builder.

If leading the charge automatically falls under someone else’s role, present your business case to them first to get their input and enlist their support in getting buy-in across the organization. Make sure to tailor the presentation of the business case to the priorities of your audience. Senior executives are often more interested in high-level strategic implications and financial outcomes, while operational managers prioritize feasibility and implementation details.


  1. Complete the form to access our Business Case Template
  2. Customize the template to align with your needs, requirements, and business priorities
  3. Schedule time to present your business case to key stakeholders and ultimately the decision maker
  4. Present your case, follow up on any questions that arise
  5. Get your answer
    • If you don’t get approval to move forward when you present a business case don’t despair. There are many factors involved in decisions impacting business operations. Think of your efforts as planting the seeds of changes. Get feedback on how you presented the business case and ask what is needed in order to secure approval
    • If you do get the approval, find out what is required to finalize the purchase process, create an implementation plan, and start moving things forward

Customizing our Business Case Template

Note areas highlighted yellow:

  1. Front Cover: Add your corporate logo, date and name
  2. Current Tools and Proposed Change (bottom of page 2): Enter the tools you will be replacing or integrating with in the left hand column, remove rows that don’t apply
  3. Solutions Evaluated (top of page 7): Enter the other tools you have assessed, along with their pros and cons
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