See How Annum’s Marketing Planning Software Empowers Strategic Cross-Channel Decision Making

Annum gives teams the visibility and frameworks they need to optimize the omnichannel customer experience

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Plans scattered across multiple spreadsheets and calendars?

Annum brings them together in one unified view so you can identify gaps and opportunities, build stronger integrated campaigns, deliver a more cohesive and compelling omnichannel customer experience, and drive more revenue.


Why Marketers Choose Annum

  • Customer-Centric — delivers a dynamic unified view of all in-market initiatives, campaigns, channels, content, online and offline tactics
  • Single Source of Truth — gets everyone on the same page to streamline communications and align efforts
  • Historical Plan of Record — so teams can learn, adapt, and optimize their plans
Syncs with 1000+ Applications

to aggregate all in-market tactics while keeping people working in their preferred project management tools. Learn More

Scales for Enterprise Structures

into a parent-child connected calendar system that delivers full visibility down to the business unit level. Learn More

How Annum Compares to Other Marketing Planning Tools

Finding a better marketing planning solution while keeping the train on the tracks and getting all your work done can feel a tad bit overwhelming. So we’ve categorized the tools commonly used by marketers and created a side-by-side comparison of the solutions listed in G2’s “best marketing calendar” category in hopes it will help expedite the process.



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“We primarily use the tool for channel planning and I particularly appreciate the features that allow the team to sort and adjust the view. I cannot recommend Annum enough – and bonus, the smart team behind this tool provides top notch customer support with impressively short response times.” 

– Lesa B, Capterra review

No more fly-by-night spreadsheet operations.

Get the visibility you’ve been striving for.
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