Organizational Silos Are
Holding You Back From
Driving More Revenue


In a recent report from the CMO Council and Televerde, organizational silos are cited by CMOs as the biggest internal challenge to meeting revenue targets.

Today’s consumers and business buyers shop across multiple channels and devices and are bombarded with information. Organizational silos are a direct result of the proliferation of these channels and how complex the marketing, sales, and support of products has become.

Organizational Silos Impede Cross Departmental Collaboration

Businesses strive to capture the attention of their target audience and guide them through each phase of their decision-making journey from identifying a need, through purchase, and ultimately to brand advocacy.

Marketing’s role encompasses the entirety of this journey however sales, customer support, and product development responsibilities overlap at various phases. Because each department has different accountabilities, objectives often become department focused or siloed. Customer insights go unshared, strategies don’t tie back to the overarching business objectives, and cohesion is lost between customer touch points.

Fractured Marketing Plans = Fractured Customer Experiences

Each marketing channel has its own unique set of requirements and technical data that needs to be addressed and finessed in order to drive results. Channel expertise is highly valued so specialists are engaged for channel optimization. They build out their plans in spreadsheets customized for their unique data sets and work in channel specific production tools. While the channel itself may be optimized, they’re working with blinders on because their data is siloed. There is no visual on the holistic customer experience. No way to identify gaps or cross channel optimization opportunities.



earned by multichannel vs.
single channel campaigns

The Risk and the Reward

Brands planning in silos end up falling behind due to missed opportunities, miscues, wasted time, and fractured customer journeys. Only brands that deliver integrated omnichannel experiences can cut through the content clutter.

According to recent research by Omnisend, “marketers using three or more channels in a campaign earned a 494% higher order rate than those using a single-channel campaign.” Let that sink in.

Gain Alignment and Drive More Revenue With Annum’s Smash Your Silos Playbook

At Annum we are passionate about helping marketers plan smarter and believe that organizational silos are holding teams back from doing their best work.

This playbook is based on over 25 years of marketing leadership experience combined with countless conversations with business executives. It was created to help teams align on a customer-centric approach to strategic planning so that they can gain cross-channel and cross-departmental alignment, develop stronger integrated plans, deliver a cohesive and compelling omnichannel customer experience, and drive better results.

Annum Smash Your Silos Playbook

In the playbook you will find practical tips and proven frameworks for:


  1. Gaining alignment from the top down
  2. Adopting a customer-centric approach
  3. Setting common objectives
  4. Establishing a prioritized content plan
  5. Setting up integrated systems for cross-channel and cross-departmental collaboration
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