What Our Customers are Saying About our Master Marketing Calendar


“With Annum, I have one place to look, one system instead of all my madness everywhere.  I no longer feel like I might be forgetting something.”

Learn how one savvy marketer uses Annum to get it all done for a bank committed to helping businesses prosper.

  • Bank
  • One person marketing team
  • Nine Channels

“It makes me a better contact planner. Having to select the marketing objective, target audience, and journey phase for each tactic makes planning more intentional. If you can’t connect a tactic to strategy you start asking whether you should be doing it.”

This consultancy finds that Annum helps them stay on strategy while making it easier to keep everyone informed.

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Two person marketing team
  • Four Channels

Annum is unique in that it is designed for marketers. It’s built using our terminology, thought processes, and strategies. Also, Annum’s support system for the product is amazing!”

Visibility, collaboration, and integration are key for a service driven tech company.

  • B2B delivery platform
  • Nine person marketing team
  • Fourteen Channels
  • HubSpot integration

“Having a central gathering point of cross channel tactical activity keeps all stake holders on the same page, provides for greater clarity and consistency, and, most importantly, ensures best, repeatable outcomes.” 

Learn how a CPG company with three agency partners implemented a centralized planning process for expedited growth.

  • CPG company
  • Eleven person marketing team
  • Six Channels
  • Three agency partners

No more fly-by-night spreadsheet operations.

Get the visibility you've been striving for with our marketing calendar software.
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