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Making the Connection Between Planning and Execution

To keep the marketing engine running smoothly sophisticated teams adopt project management tools. These solutions centralize task management, help keep everyone on track with workflows and due dates, and create efficiencies in execution. However, generic project management tools are not designed for strategic marketing planning and as such offer no holistic view of what’s in market when, no insights to inform cross-channel decision making and relative timing, and no way to connect tactics to strategy.

For these reasons adopting an integrated marketing planning calendar is a necessity for marketers looking to optimized the customer experience, advance the customer journey across channels, and maintain a historical plan of record so they can learn and adopt.

Work logically flows from planning into execution and if the integrated marketing calendar and task management tools are not connected teams are looking at double data entry. Which can be seen as a minor inconvenience in the short term and a hindrance to productivity over time. For this reason we are working hard on developing integration solutions for the project management tools most used by marketers.

Integrations via Zapier

Through Zapier our customer Dispatch has sent up a one way triggered integration with HubSpot which they talk about in their case study. Zapier has 5000+ app connections ready for integration. Contact us to learn how we can help you set up an integration with our private Zapier connector.

More Integrations to Come

We are currently investigating partnerships with embedded integration solutions and investigating building native integrations. Our path forward will be determined by our customer’s needs. If you are interested in a connected solution, please fill out the form and let us know what project management tools you would need Annum to connect to.

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