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By setting up bidirectional syncs between Annum’s integrated marketing planning calendar software and project management and production apps, team members can work in their preferred tools while Annum automatically aggregates all in market activities into a dynamic omnichannel plan empowering strategic cross-channel decision making and serving as a historical marketing plan of record.  

1000+ Integrations via Workato

Annum marketing calendar integrations

In order to satisfy the wide ranging needs of marketers, we have chosen to partner with Workato, the leading enterprise-grade intelligent integration and workflow automation platform.

Workato has connectors to 1000+ applications, including all the top tools marketers use like Asana, Airtable, ClickUp, HubSpot, Monday, Smartsheet, Trello, Workfront, and Wrike. Check out the full list here, and if you don’t see your app, Workato has universal connectors that we can use to build a connection.


Centralize Planning With Decentralized Execution

Tactics planned in Annum >> are automatically entered as tasks in the synced application, where they can be assigned, subtasks added, and implementation efficiently managed.

Tasks entered in the synced application >> are automatically entered as tactics in Annum so Annum always shows the holistic omnichannel customer experience to support integrated marketing communications planning.

Key Benefits of Integrating Your Planning and Implementation Tools

  • Keep teams working in their preferred tools while automatically aggregating in-market tactics and breaking down data silos
  • Eliminate redundant non value-add work, unburden the team and lift job satisfaction
  • Reduce the risk of errors that come with manual data entry
  • Keep teams aligned and fuel better decision making
  • Build more compelling omnichannel customer experiences that drive more revenue
  • Maintain a complete historical marketing plan of record so you can learn, adapt, and optimize

If you are interested in learning more about our integration capabilities and getting an estimate, we invite you to schedule a Discovery Call.

Integration Services Discovery Call

A Zoom call to discuss approach, requirements, and scope of your integration. The core objective being to understand how the data sets you wish to integrate with Annum are configured so that we can begin capturing requirements in order to pull together an estimate.
To prep for the call, please be prepared to explain how you are using your project management/production tool(s) and how you’d like the sync to work.
  • Do you want a one directional or a bidirectional sync?
  • How many distinct instances / data sets are you working with?
  • Can you screen-share and show us a sample of the data?

Want to see Annum in action first? Start with a demo.


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