Enterprise Marketing Calendar Software for Full Organizational Visibility


For large enterprises and complex operations where it seems impossible to get everyone on the same page we offer the industry’s only enterprise marketing calendar software with a connected parent-child structure for full tactical visibility.

If your organization is managing marketing efforts across sub brands, divisions, categories, regions, and/or locations you are most likely dealing with stacks upon stacks of spreadsheets and slide decks. Each meticulously designed to articulate marketing plans from the top down.

Beyond the time lost to formatting, updating, and distribution, this siloed view of data makes it incredible difficult to gain synergies and alignment across the organization. We’re offering a way to work smarter.

Get Everyone on the Same Page with Annum’s Parent-Child Connected Calendar System

With our Lead and Nested Plan structure enterprise organizations can set up connected marketing calendars in a parent-child relationship to:

  • Provide each business unit with their own marketing plan
  • View multiple business unit calendars side by side from the Lead Plan
  • Share enterprise wide plans and templates with multiple independent business units
  • Gain full visibility across the entire organization
Annum's enterprise marketing calendar system

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Customize Your View

Get exactly the visibility that is needed by customizing your view. When in the Lead Plan any Nested Plan can be toggled on and off. When in a Nested Plan, you can toggle the Lead Plan on and off. Filters can be used to isolate tactics by channel or campaign across all the connected calendars you are viewing.

Our Enterprise Marketing Calendar Software Supports a Variety of Business Models


Gain Visibility Across Categories

Start by setting up a lead marcom plan that includes enterprise wide initiatives, campaigns and key dates. Then create a nested plan for each product category or business unit. Those teams can then build out their separate tactical plans under the overarching initiatives of the lead marcom plan.

Leadership can log into the lead marcom plan to view category plans side by side.

Winter Holidays 2021 Marketing Campaign Ideas


Provide Direction for Local Execution

Create a lead marketing calendar for the brand’s overarching marketing campaigns and promotions, include timing for in store execution, and local activations. Set up a nested plan for each region. Regional teams can then execute per the guidelines and enter their local activations.

Leadership can access the lead marketing calendar to see regional activities side by side.


Deliver Timely Communication and Support

Build out a lead marketing calendar that includes brand level campaigns, as well as guidelines, templates, and best practices for localized promotions and activations. Set up a nested plan for each network partner so they can tap into these resources to develop their plans.

Leadership can view localized marketing plans across the network via the lead plan.



Integrate All Editorial & Marketing Calendars

Build out a lead calendar for the enterprise that includes your seasonal planning cadence and overarching initiatives. Set up a nested plan for each brand to house both their editorial and marketing plans. Identify opportunities within each brand and across brands for getting the most out of each content asset.  

Leadership can view all editorial and marketing plans across the enterprise via the lead plan.



Our pricing plans scale to accommodate all, from small teams to complex enterprise organizations


Case Studies

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How We Compare

Annum is the only planning solution that keeps strategy front and center while delivering omnichannel visibility


Finally. Everything and everyone on the same page.

Get the visibility you’ve been striving for.
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