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Centralized Strategic Planning with Multiple Agency Partners

Dazzle Dry, by VB Cosmetics, delivers the fastest-drying, longest-lasting, natural nail treatment you’ve ever experienced.


We are a small, but growing fast, CPG company with a retail channel and two wholesale channels. We have a creative agency, digital agency, PR agency, and multiple freelance graphic artists, photographers, and copywriters.

Between our outsourced partners’ various electronic Gantt charts and Boards, our Excel Marketing Calendar, and Project Management Software (ours and our vendors) it was nearly impossible to properly execute a cohesive strategy. It was essential for us to own the holistic calendar and have our outsourced marketing partners conform to our needs.

“Annum is a single, visual dashboard of strategy in action. Having a central gathering point of cross channel tactical activity keeps all stakeholders on the same page, provides for greater clarity and consistency, and most importantly ensures best, repeatable outcomes.” 

– Brian McGee, General Manager, Dazzle Dry


Learning how to use Annum took minutes, populating our plans took a few hours. The account and user set up was very fast. Annum is now the center-point of our marketing planning.

Annum is more than a Gantt, more than a calendar it’s a centralized hub for our marketing strategy and plan. Our PM’s use it all day everyday. Our partners feed their tactics into our plan of record. I use it to see what activities we have planned and to cascade strategy reporting to the rest of the organization. This allows us central visibility and provides for efficient strategic planning. Nothing slips through the cracks.

We’re all on the same page which I love! It’s very collaborative and allows us to have full transparency into what is going on.

Alyse Eyssautier, Account Manager, The James Agency


We do more in less time. Activities are easier to measure. Future strategic plans are easier to construct. For us, velocity is the key to our growth. I’m honestly not sure how we could grow at our current rate without Annum.

Internally, we use our Annum monthly calendar to communicate marketing and sales activity to all departments. Externally, our agencies populate and update their activities in real time. Collaboration in real time. Efficiency. Time savings. Money savings. Expedited growth.

“Annum has really alleviated a lot of back and forth emails and clarifying meetings, now the process is very streamlined.”

Kristen O’Neall, Coordinator Manager, Colling Media


We are growing fast and have aggressive growth targets. This requires us to plan a large amount of activity, coordinated to achieve our growth targets, across multiple marketing channels, with the aid of many external resources, and where failure is not an option. We do not throw things against the wall to see if they stick. All activity is intentional, ROI’s are attached and all activity is measured against plan. Annum is the center point of this growth. It is our central visibility and accountability tool. It’s hard to pinpoint how much money Annum has saved us or made us, but it’s easy to say Annum has had a large impact.

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