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Working Smarter with an Integrated Calendar for Content Marketing

Antenna is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based consultancy that connects companies with marketing experts to adapt and grow their business.


We chose Annum because we did not have a central planning tool that all team members could access to get a glimpse into our content planning. 

We had been working across a host of Google docs and Google sheets, and it was easy to forget where certain planning information was and difficult to see exactly what was happening now and what was planned. We wanted to get to a place where planning was centralized.


Compared to other content platforms I’m familiar with like Later or Sprout, I like how intuitive it was to get acclimated with the platform and learn how to utilize all the elements. I’ve given four others view only access without having to teach them how to use it.

As new features have rolled out, it’s been an ongoing learning process, but it’s getting quicker and easier to use. I’ve really appreciated how fast the Annum Team gets back to me when I ask questions about the platform or submit feedback.

“It makes me a better contact planner. Having to select the marketing objective, target audience, and journey phase for each tactic makes planning more intentional. If you can’t connect a tactic to strategy you start asking whether you should be doing it.” 

– Meg Kelly, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Antenna


The ability to create a repeating tactic and have a monthly focus are my favorite features. The repeating tactic cuts down on so much time, and the monthly focus helps keep our content strategy top of mind for all team members.

It’s been an invaluable tool to use during leadership meetings to point to specific content we are posting and to keep the team in the loop at all times.

It’s amazing to look back and be able to know how your content showed up across a host of channels without having to reference multiple documents or files.


It’s cut my time in half spent uploading plans and keeping the calendar updated – it’s incredibly easy and efficient.

Wanting a centralized view of your content marketing?

Learn how Annum can transform your planning.
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