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From Five Disconnected Planning Tools to One Omnichannel Marketing Calendar

Drake Bank is a St Paul, Minnesota community bank committed to helping businesses prosper and providing the best in personal banking services.


I wear multiple hats from strategic planning to project management while also heading up our brand and marketing in my role at Drake Bank. Our marketing efforts alone require a high level of coordination through planning and managing execution across our website, email, social media, signage and collateral, advertising, PR, statements, and sponsorships. As an OCD organizer, I still found myself bogged down with multiple sources of planning information that wasn’t all that helpful. Annum’s promise of a universal calendar view was too enticing to pass up. 


Since Annum was designed by a marketer for marketing planning, I found it quite intuitive and dove right in. However, as I started entering already planned tactics, I realized how many places I had been storing all this information, like: 

  • My Outlook calendar
  • My printed calendar
  • Computer reminders
  • Multiple spreadsheets
  • Endless Post-it notes

along with my social media scheduling software. Now all the other calendars and spreadsheets are gone, and no need for reminders; it’s all in Annum.

“With Annum, I have one place to look, one system instead of all my madness everywhere. I no longer feel like I might be forgetting something.” 

– Hailey Lewis, Brand and Project Activation Officer, Drake Bank


I knew that Annum would provide a singular source for our marketing information. As I have continued utilizing the system, I have realized the long-term impact for our team. We now have a plan of record, which would have been an absolute gold mine when I joined the bank. It provided me a sense of security when I was out of the office unexpectedly for a week; I had just one place to check to ensure everything was running. Also, the team at Annum was able to export our full annual marketing plan as CSV files making the compliance audit a breeze.

Additionally, Annum helps me be more strategic. Last year, we temporarily closed our lobby due to COVID-19 restrictions. When it was time to announce our reopening, I wanted to make sure our clients knew. I tagged the tactics related to the lobby opening campaign in Annum, and with the click of a filter, everything else dropped off the calendar, and I could focus on that messaging. With the color coding by channel, it was easy to see any gaps in coverage.


What used to take me going through multiple documents, emails, and calendars – I can now do solely through Annum, which I estimate saves me a full day’s work each month. 

Dealing with a bit of madness as well?

Learn how Annum can transform your planning.
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