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A Shared Calendar Delivers Collaborative Planning Across 14 Channels

Dispatch is an app based service that offers businesses professional, reliable delivery nationwide.


We chose Annum to help our marketing team plan and organize our content on an on-going basis. Before Annum we were planning content in our CRM tool, in HubSpot, and in Google docs and sheets. 


It was easy to align Annum with our existing process. It only took a few weeks to set up and fully implement with our internal team. With Annum’s support we integrated HubSpot so that when a tactic is entered into Annum a task is automatically generated in HubSpot to start the content creation and publishing process.

My favorite feature is the Initiatives section. We can plan campaigns and events at a high level and attach tactics that individual team members can work on and contribute to the larger project.

Annum is unique in that it is designed for marketers. It’s built using our terminology, thought processes, and strategies. Also, Annum’s support system for the product is amazing! 

– Kelsie McMahon, Creative Manager, Dispatch


Annum has made it easier for our team to plan collaboratively. We’ve got all fourteen channels – website, email, social media, collateral, direct mail, PR, advertising assets, paid search, social advertising, display, print, radio, cross channel video, and Intercom – in one tool. It has the features we need for each individual team member to contribute based on their role.  And since everyone has their own seat, everyone is in-the-know on projects.


It collectively cuts down the amount of planning time because each person is accountable for their content and can add to Annum as needed.

Wish you had a more collaborative process?

Learn how Annum can transform your planning.
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