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I just came across this great new omnichannel planning calendar and thought you’d want to know about it. Here’s an overview from Annum’s website.


Plan Smarter

Stop wrestling with a hodgepodge of disconnected spreadsheets. Bring all initiatives, campaigns, channels, and tactics together in one unified calendar view so you can identify opportunities and gaps, create stronger omnichannel plans, and drive more revenue.

At Annum we believe that planning silos are holding marketers back from delivering better outcomes. That’s why we channeled 25+ years of doing-it-the-hard-way experience into our design of the ideal marketing planning solution.

Annum’s Strategic Omnichannel Planning Calendar:
  • Puts the focus on the holistic customer experience by showing all in-market tactics, online and offline
  • Marries big picture visibility with contextual relevancy for more informed decision making
  • Provides strategic views by campaign for optimization of cross channel coverage, message sequencing, and timing
  • Gets all team members and agency partners on the same page with full transparency into what is going on
  • Serves as a historical plan of record so you can learn and adapt
  • Supports simultaneous budget management
  • Scales into a connected parent-child calendar system for enterprise-wide visibility
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