Concierge Services

It’s hard to keep everything running while transitioning to a new system. We can help get you set up for success.

Pricing is based on the hourly rates listed and estimated time for project completion.
An estimate will be provided after determining project scope.

Plan Set Up

We will work with you to determine and set up the foundational elements of your plan:

  • Marketing Channels, Tactic Types and their associated Custom Fields of data
  • Strategic Priorities: Objectives, Target Segments, Journey Phases, and more
  • Initiatives: Campaigns, Promotions, Key Dates

When we are through your calendar will be ready for tactical planning.      $200/hr

Data Migration

You give us your existing marketing calendars as spreadsheets, slide decks, or word documents and we upload or hand enter the data. We’ll connect each Tactic to your Strategic Priorities and Initiatives to enable the creation of strategic views via Filters. Your team can hit the ground running.      $150/hr


Annum integrates with project management and production tools to automatically aggregate in market tactics, reduce double data entry, and keep everything in sync. Find out about ur custom integration services >> Learn more

With Annum’s support we integrated HubSpot so that when a tactic is entered into Annum a task is automatically generated in HubSpot to start the content creation and publishing process.

– Kelsie McMahon, Creative Manager, Dispatch

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