We are excited to share that our 2022 martech stack illustration has been recognized with an honorable mention by The Stackies. We have been following The Stackies for a number of years and this was our first submission.

The Stackie Awards

The Stackie Awards were started in 2015 by Scott Brinker of ChiefMartec.com. Each year he invites organizations to submit a visual representation of their marketing technology stack and how they think about its structure. Then he publishes them all, ungated, for everyone in marketing to learn from the examples.

He also raises money for charity. For each entry $100 is donated to a worthy cause.

The awards were live streamed today, see the screen capture at right. The showcase of winners has not yet been published. We will link to it when it is.

Annum Martech Stackie

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Annum’s Martech Stackie

Our marketing technology stack is centered on the customer experience which is defined by the integrated marketing plan. Tools are grouped by job within the cyclical marketing process.

  1. Discovery & Analysis
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Integrated Marketing Planning
  4. Project Management
  5. Design & Development
  6. Activation
  7. Measurement & Reporting

In the illustration you will see our integrated marketing planning calendar solution represented in the center top by a hot air balloon providing a universal view of all.

If you publish our stackie illustration, please provide a link back →  Annum’s 2022 Martech Stackie

Grand Bassin du Luxembourg

We chose the Grand Bassin in Luxembourg Garden, Paris France as the inspiration for our stackie illustration.

Luxembourg Garden is an inner-city oasis with formal terraces, chestnut groves and lush lawns. The Grand Bassin is an octagonal pond hosting ducks, fish, and a fleet of 1920’s wooden boats that can be rented and coaxed to sail with long sticks. If you’ve never been, we encourage you to visit. Below are photos from a trip in 2019.

Thank you to our good friend the amazingly talented Chris Henderson who created this wonderful illustration for us.

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