Our Integrated Marketing Calendar Guides the Omnichannel Planning Process


Fed up with fly-by-night disconnected spreadsheet operations? It’s time you had the right tool for the job.

Consolidate Your Marketing Calendars into One Single Source of Truth

Are your marketing and content plans fractured across multiple calendars and spreadsheets? With Annum you can integrated them into one universal view for more efficient, strategic, and effective planning. Suddenly the plans feel more real, there is more confidence in the data, and you’ve got a high level view of work coming down the pike. You can now finally show the entirety of the effort you are managing.

Create Stronger Integrated Plans

Annum was purpose built for strategic integrated marketing planning. It puts the focus on the customer experience by showing all in-market initiatives and tactics across all marketing channels in one holistic calendar view.

Siloed data makes it near impossible to plan cohesive and compelling omnichannel customer experiences.

Once you can see channels side by side you can optimize campaigns for cross channel coverage, timing and messaging. Once you can connect tactics to strategy you can truly guide the customer journey.

Integrated campaigns aren’t better because everything matches, they’re better because everything works together to lead the customer through their decision making process.

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See the Big Picture, Drill into the Details

Annum’s dynamic data model is organized by strategy, channel, and tactic and shifts to give you the visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions both at a high level and when you are in deep in the details. See your plans by time of day, within context of a full month, or running across a multi-month timeline. Click into each tactic to see its supporting data or view a list of tactics by type as a table.

No need for a separate budget spreadsheet. In our marketing calendar you can set an annual budget then enter estimates and actuals at the tactic level. See the numbers roll up by channel, tactic type, and month. Track budget vs. actual to ensure you spend every Q4 penny.

View Holidays, Obervances, and Customer Insights in Context

Be more relevant in your communications and more strategic with your timing by turning on any of our calendars of interest to see holidays, observances, and seasonal customer insights in context. We’ve blocked out recommended promotional periods for the top annual consumer spending events and have included Worldata’s B2B and B2C email performance calendars so you can which days are expected to be top performing for email opens. You can also easily add in any shared public calendar via its URL feed.

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Get Everyone on the Same Page

Invite all people involved in creation and review of the marketing plan: internal teams, agency partners, outside consultants. Provide edit rights by channel so everyone stays in their swim lane while having sightline into the full integrated plan. Invite senior leadership as viewers and with one click they can know exactly what is in-market on any given day.

Establish a Plan of Record

Easily reference your historical data. View past months and years to assess what tactics may have contributed to sales and to quickly duplicate and optimize your approach for future campaigns.

Also, as a plan of record, Annum facilitates an easy transfer of knowledge to new team members.

“Annum is a single, visual dashboard of strategy in action. Having a central gathering point of cross channel tactical activity keeps all stakeholders on the same page, provides for greater clarity and consistency, and most importantly ensures best, repeatable outcomes.”

– Brian McGee, General Manager, Dazzle Dry

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Connect Tactics to Strategy

Annum was designed to keep strategy front and center while guiding the planning process. Start by entering your marketing objectives, target audience segments, and customer journey phases. Next establish your overarching campaigns and promotions.

As you enter tactics, tag them by strategic priority and initiative.

Use filters to create strategic views that isolate tactics by campaign, target segment, and more to optimize cross channel coverage and timing.

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Gain Visibility Across Your Entire Enterprise

Our Lead / Nested Plan structure supports large complex organizations with a connected parent-child calendar system so they can view multiple business unit calendars side by side. Learn more.

Get Up and Running Quickly

No formatting. No template sourcing. No spreadsheet magician required. Annum was designed by a marketer for the specific purpose of building out integrated marketing plans. It was designed for the way marketers work. No need to involve IT, it’s extremely intuitive.

Tutorials By Role

1. Set up your plan
      • Establish your marketing channels
      • Enter your objectives, target segments, journey phases
      • Turn on calendars of interest with holidays, observances, and important events
      • Set an annual budget
2. Enter timing for campaigns and promotions


3. Invite the team to enter tactics
      • Provide edit rights by channel to internal and external team members
      • Have them tag each tactic by target segment, campaign, etc.
4. Create strategic views
      • Filter by target segment, campaign, etc. to optimize cross channel coverage
5. Share your marketing plan
      • Present straight from Annum
      • Invite leadership and other stakeholders to access as Viewers

Plan Smarter and Faster with Our Marketing Calendar

Annum gives you the visibility you’ve been craving, the ability to see everything in context alongside strategic priorities, customer insights, and cultural observances, so you can make more informed decisions which lead to stronger plans and better outcomes.

Take back the misspent admin time wrestling with spreadsheets and sending out updates. Get everyone on the same page and eliminate back and forth emails and clarifying meetings.  With Annum you can provide full transparency so everyone knows what’s going on.

Get the right tool for the job and soon you’ll be doing your career best work.


Annum’s dynamic data model and calendar interface are patent pending.


Key Features

Annum provides the visibility you need and keeps strategy front and center so you can plan smarter.

Simple Pricing

Invite all team members and agency partners to collaborate holistically across all channels.

For Enterprise

Set up a connected parent-child calendar system to get full visibility across the enterprise.

Say goodbye to ugly disconnected spreadsheets.

Plan faster, smarter, better with our integrated marketing planning calendar.

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