Annum’s Integrated Marketing Calendar Guides the Omnichannel Planning Process

Bring all campaigns, channels, content, online and offline tactics together in one unified view so you can:

  • Identify opportunities and gaps
  • Build more cohesive customer experiences
  • Drive more revenue
Month and timeline view of Annum's integrated marketing planning calendar

Give your team the visibility they need to optimize cross-channel efforts

Are your marketing and content plans scattered across multiple calendars, spreadsheets, and tools? With Annum you can aggregate them into one unified calendar view for more collaborative, strategic, and effective planning.

Gets everything and everyone
on the same page

to streamline communication, foster collaboration, and increase productivity


Views filterable by campaign,
target segment, and more

 Fuel optimization of cross-channel coverage, timing, and message sequencing


Serves as a historical
marketing plan of record

Empowering teams to learn, adapt, and optimize their cross-functional efforts


A calendar purpose build for strategic integrated marketing planning

Annum's integrated marketing calendar replaces disconnected spreadsheet operations

Leave your spreadsheet formatting, multi calendar juggling days behind

If you’re fed up with the amount of time you’re spending formatting and updating spreadsheets, and referencing multiple calendars, you’re not alone. Annum was designed by a seasoned marketing strategist who wanted to spend less time on non value-add activities and more time planning cohesive and compelling customer experiences.

Now all the other calendars and spreadsheets are gone, and no need for reminders; it’s all in Annum. With Annum, I have one place to look, one system instead of all my madness everywhere.  I no longer feel like I might be forgetting something.”

Hailey L, Brand and Project Activation Officer > Case Study

Annum's integrated marketing calenar syncs with project management tools

No more double data entry

Annum integrates with 1000+ apps to automate workflow from planning to execution. Set up a bidirectional sync with your project management app to automatically aggregate all in-market tactics while keeping people working in their preferred tools.

It was easy to align Annum with our existing process. It only took a few weeks to set up and fully implement with our internal team. With Annum’s support we integrated HubSpot so that when a tactic is entered into Annum a task is automatically generated in HubSpot to start the content creation and publishing process. 

Kelsie M, Creative Manager > Case Study

Tag tactics to objectives in Annum's integrated marketing calendar

Eliminate random acts of marketing

When team members can’t see the big picture or connect tactics to strategy they might as well be planning with blinders on and their fingers crossed. Annum’s integrated marketing calendar provides the structure, frameworks, and visibility teams need to ensure tactical plans stay on strategy, are cohesive, and deliver results.

“It makes me a better contact planner. Having to select the marketing objective, target audience, and journey phase for each tactic makes planning more intentional. If you can’t connect a tactic to strategy you start asking whether you should be doing it.”

Meg K, Marketing Communications Coordinator > Case Study

Integrated marketing campaigns outperform single and dual-channel campaigns

Finally gain alignment so you can drive more revenue

Only brands that deliver seamless integrated experiences can cut through the content clutter. Annum brings all campaigns and tactics into one unified view so teams can collaboratively orchestrate and optimize the omnichannel customer experience.

“Annum is a single, visual dashboard of strategy in action. Having a central gathering point of cross channel tactical activity keeps all stakeholders on the same page, provides for greater clarity and consistency, and most importantly ensures best, repeatable outcomes.” 

Brian M, General Manager > Case Study

For Small, Mid-sized, and Large Teams

Annum’s integrated marketing planning calendar fosters collaboration and fuels strategic cross-channel decision making

For Complex Enterprise Organizations

Annum scales into a parent-child connected calendar system for full enterprise-wide visibility down to the business unit


Smash Your Silos
and Transform Your Planning Process 


Get Our 5 Point Guide

Our 5 Point Smash Your Silos Guide covers core integrated planning best practices and will help you create an action plan for gaining alignment and creating omnichannel content that advances the customer journey.

FAQs about our Integrated Marketing Calendar

How does Annum work?

Annum’s dynamic data model is organized by marketing channel and shifts to give you the visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions both at a high level and when you are in deep in the details. See your plans by time of day, within context of a full month, or running across a multi-month timeline. Set up key initiatives such as campaigns, promotions, monthly themes, and key dates. See these components of your strategy running across the top of all views. Connect tactics to your key initiatives and filter by them to optimize cross-channel coverage. Also, tag and filter tactics by strategic priorities such as journey phase, marketing objective, and target audience segment. Click into each initiative and tactic to see its supporting data. View a brief demo.

Why do we need Annum when we already have a project management tool?

Project management tools are designed to help coordinate and enhance the efficiency of task execution. They show team members their current to-do lists, tasks, subtasks, due dates, and project assets. Once completed, tasks are hidden in order to only show only what needs to be worked on next.

Because they are not designed for strategic integrated planning, there’s no way to see the holistic customer experience. There is no way to see everything that’s in market today, what’s planned for next month, or what was in market last month. There’s no way to check cross-channel coverage of a campaign or to identify gaps, overlaps and opportunities in the plan. When teams are only working in project management tools and don’t have a unified marketing plan of record, they lose control of the customer experience.

Annum’s marketing calendar was designed specifically for strategic integrated planning. It shows what initiatives and tactics are planned to happen when in order to achieve the marketing and business objectives. Once the strategic tactical plan is approved, the team moves into implementation.  Project plans are created and tactics are broken down into tasks and subtasks. This is where project management tools come into play and Annum automates the workflow with custom integrations.

Does Annum integrate with project management tools?

Yes! We’ve partnered with Workato, the leading intelligent integration and workflow automation solution to offer 2-way syncing with 1000+ apps. By setting up bidirectional syncs between Annum’s integrated marketing calendar and project management apps you can automatically aggregate all in market tactics for strategic cross-channel planning while keeping people working in their preferred tools. Learn More

How long does it take to get up and running on Annum?

Annum was designed by a senior marketing strategist and purpose built to guide integrated planning. Customers constantly remark about how intuitive it is. Small teams can be up and running in a manner of days. For larger teams we offer concierge onboarding which includes a sequence of four training sessions. In all cases we recommended integrated planning best practices to foster alignment and cross-channel collaboration. These frameworks can be found in our 5 Point Smash Your Silos Guide which is available to download for free.

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