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Below we’ve explained many of the terms we use so that you know what we mean when we say what we do.

Channels     The different categories of tools and media used to engage an intended audience. Examples: website, organic social media, signage, paid search

Tactic Types    The different vehicles used within a Channel.  Example: Channel = website, Tactic Types = home page banner, blog post, product detail page, case study

Platforms   3rd party websites, apps, and media where a business publishes content and advertises. Examples: Instagram, Google, Clear Channel

Tactic   A specific, individual, timed action a business takes to communicate/engage with its audiences. Example: Happy Valentines Day Instagram Post on February 14, 2022 at 8:00 a.m.

Calendars of Interest   Calendars of holidays, observances, and customer insights that can be turned on in Annum with a click, learn more

Budget   The total planned marketing spend for a year and the planned allocation of that spend

Strategic Priorities   Evergreen elements of a business’ marketing strategy that Tactics and Initiatives address. Categories include:

    • Objectives – planned measurable outcomes of marketing efforts
    • Target Segments – subgroups of the businesses’ audience  
    • Journey Phases – segments of the customer’s progressive experience with a business’ brand or offering, during which a decision is made or an action is taken
    • Custom – use as you see fit for: key messages, product categories, content pillars, regions, etc.

Initiatives   Marketing efforts that have a specific duration and are supported by multiple connected Tactics. Categories include:

    • Campaign – a positioning or theme driven multi channel marketing effort to distribute key messages
    • Promotion – a discount or reward driven multi channel marketing effort to drive action
    • Key Date – an important event, happening or observance
    • Monthly Theme – a topic that ties into seasonality or major initiatives and is used to unify and inform marketing activities within a month (e.g. a Monthly Theme of Gratitude for November)

Team Members   Collaborators and reviewers of the marketing plan that are given a specific role when added:

    • Plan Admin – Can configure Channels, add Calendars of Interest, turn on Budget features, enter Strategic Priorities, and add and remove Team Members. Can also add and edit Initiatives and Tactics
    • Contributor – Has the ability to add and edit Initiatives and Tactics
    • Viewer – Only has the ability to see and filter the data
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