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Below we’ve explained many of the terms we use so that you know what we mean when we say what we do.

Channels     The different tools and media vehicles a business uses to communicate with its intended audiences. Examples: website, organic social media, signage, paid search

Tactic Types    The types of actions a business takes to communicate/engage with its audiences in different Channels. Examples: home page banner, social post, front window sign, PPC text ad

Platforms   3rd party websites, apps, and media where a business publishes content and advertises. Examples: Instagram, Google, Clear Channel

Tactic   A specific, individual, timed action a business takes to communicate/engage with its audiences. Example: Happy Valentines Day Instagram Post on February 14, 2022 at 8:00 a.m.

Calendars of Interest   Calendars of holidays, observances, and customer insights that can be turned on in Annum with a click, learn more

Budget   The total planned marketing spend for a year and the planned allocation of that spend

Strategic Priorities   Evergreen elements of a business’ marketing strategy that Tactics and Initiatives address. Categories include:

    • Objectives – planned measurable outcomes of marketing efforts
    • Target Segments – subgroups of the businesses’ audience  
    • Journey Phases – segments of the customer’s progressive experience with a business’ brand or offering, during which a decision is made or an action is taken
    • Custom – use as you see fit for: key messages, product categories, content pillars, regions, etc.

Initiatives   Marketing efforts that have a specific duration and are supported by multiple connected Tactics. Categories include:

    • Campaign – a positioning or theme driven multi channel marketing effort to distribute key messages
    • Promotion – a discount or reward driven multi channel marketing effort to drive action
    • Key Date – an important event, happening or observance

Team Members   Collaborators and reviewers of the marketing plan that are given a specific role when added:

    • Plan Admin – Can configure Channels, add Calendars of Interest, turn on Budget features, enter Strategic Priorities, and add and remove Team Members. Can also add and edit Initiatives and Tactics
    • Contributor – Has the ability to add and edit Initiatives and Tactics
    • Viewer – Only has the ability to see and filter the data
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