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Plan High-level Initiatives: Campaigns, Promotions, Key Dates & Monthly Themes

Create a cohesive and compelling customer experience and drive more revenue with strategic cross-channel initiatives that advance the customer journey.

How Initiatives Work

Categories of Initiatives

Initiatives are overarching, priority marketing efforts that are supported by multiple connected Tactics.

Categories include:

  • Campaign – a positioning or theme driven multi channel marketing effort to distribute key messages (e.g. a brand awareness campaign)
  • Promotion – a discount or reward driven marketing effort to drive action (e.g. 10% off your first order when you subscribe to the newsletter)
  • Key Date – an important event, happening or observance (e.g. a product launch)
  • Monthly Theme – a topic that ties into seasonality or major initiatives and is used to unify and inform marketing activities within a month (e.g. a Monthly Theme of Gratitude for November)


Once an Initiative, such as a Campaign, is entered into your Plan, you can tag Tactics to it as you create them. Then, when you select that Campaign as a Filter everything else drops out of the calendar except for the Tactics tagged to that Campaign. This gives you a cross channel view of all campaign elements for more strategic integrated planning.

Enter an Initiative and Set Duration

Tag Your Tactics

Initiatives show up in the Tactic detail when you are planning within 60 days of the date range of the Initiative.

Filter by Initiative

Initiatives show up in the Filters pane when they fall within the date range of the calendar view.

For more explanations and instruction, visit Guides where you will find a Glossary of terms, other role tutorials, and more. If you still have unanswered questions, contact us.

Our strategic omnichannel marketing planning calendar is patent pending.

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