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Stay on Track by Connecting Initiatives and Tactics to Your Strategic Priorities

Keep evergreen components of your strategy top of mind by tagging Initiatives and Tactics to them as you plan.

How Strategic Priorities Work

Categories of Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities are evergreen elements of a business’ marketing strategy that are addressed by the marketing plan.

Categories include:

  • Objectives – planned measurable outcomes of marketing efforts
  • Target Segments – subgroups of the businesses’ target audience  
  • Journey Phases – segments of the customer’s progressive experience with a business’ brand or offering, during which a decision is made or an action is taken
  • Custom – use as you see fit for: regions, business units, product categories, key messages, content pillars, etc.

Once you have Strategic Priorities set up in your Plan, you can tag Tactics to them. Then, when you select that a Strategic Priority as a Filter everything else drops out of the calendar except for the Tactics tagged. This gives you a cross channel view so you can assess coverage.

Enter Your Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities must be set up by an Account Owner or Plan Admin in order to be accessible.

Tag Your Tactics

Filter by Strategic Priority

For more explanations and instruction, visit Guides where you will find a Glossary of terms, other role tutorials, and more. If you still have unanswered questions, contact us.

Our strategic omnichannel marketing planning calendar is patent pending.

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